Intercésped’s products and products from the best brands in the world for artificial sports grass, available in the same place and at your disposal. High-quality products at a good price or products with all of the sports certificates that your project needs, always according to your needs.

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Paddle Tennis - Tennis

Specialised products for paddle tennis from the best European manufacturers. First-rate Fibrillation and monofilaments to achieve a pleasant and professional game alongside high durability.


The most technical game and the toughest surface. The best artificial golfing grass. A wavy polythene monofilament which will allow us high reception from a short distance and the highest level of realistic feeling on the putt.
Specialised in Green and Putting Green facilities at a commercial and individual level.


We work with the best brands in the world. Products certified by FIFA at the highest level. Collaboration with the best installation companies at a global level.

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